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CI 2014 Reflections Operations Brad Peterson, CEO at Level 3 Audio Visual / Level 3 Healthcare Nominated by Doug Spencer, CFO at Level 3 Audio Visual “Brad Peterson is chang-ing the way his customers view audio/visual in gen-eral,” says Spencer, who notes the company’s “fun, PETERSON relaxed culture.” “We aren’t just an audio/visual company. We don’t just sell projectors and hang screens on the wall. He has molded his company into something much more customized and personal. If you can dream it, he’ll make it happen and most likely leave you with more than you thought possible. “Building close relationships through-out the design, build and implementation process is key for returning customers. That dedication and energy makes the customer feel at ease during an integra-tion job, which typically leads to ground-breaking second and third projects. He’s not afraid to take risks, such as break-ing into the unchartered waters of the health care industry. Brad has personally climbed through the health care obstacles and has started to make a name for him-self in that field. Not only is Brad a great contact to his customers, but he honestly cares for his staff and treats everyone with the same respect.” Mark Stross, chief technology officer at ANC Sports Enterprises Nominated by Michael Hopkins, direc-tor of communications and marketing at ANC Sports Enterprises “A speaker at Digital Sig-nage Expo, NAB and Sports-Business Journal ’s Facility Conference during 2014, Mark has spearheaded the STROSS education of how to inte-grate multiple technologies through one platform,” says Hopkins. “Mark has also been appointed as chairman of the Digi-tal Signage Federation’s Standards Com-mittee for 2015 as the industry attempts to establish guidelines for end-users explor-ing digital media.” Stross developed ANC’s 2014 CI BEST Award-winning vSOFT operating sys-tem platform. Launched in February, vSOFT has been deployed in more than 4 0 venues and operates digital signage networks for live event, retail and trans-portation venues. Jason Taylor, CEO at M3 Technology Group Nominated by Phillip Cordell, engi-neering/service manager at M3 Technol-ogy Group “In a time when many AV Integrators are downsizing, Jason Taylor has found new ways of creating business opportunities and expand-TAYLOR ing M3’s interests,” says Cordell, also known as Hi-Phi, the only known AV rapper. “While firmly planted in AV, Jason is always looking for smart, new areas to expand the business.” Taylor led the development of a new structured cabling division to diversify M3’s base and remain on the cutting edge of the AV/IT union, says Cordell. M3 has also developed a stronger focus on man-aged services and other forms of recurring revenue, leading to the growth of two new office branches in 2014, he says. “Jason keeps his eyes on the technologi-cal horizon, his finger on the pulse of the industry and always leads the company with assurance,” says Cordell. “Plus, he lets me rap at work.” Patrick Whipkey, senior project manager at IMS Technology Services Nominated by Michael Shinn, opera-tions manager at IMS Technology Services Whipkey has single-hand-edly managed more than $4.8 million in profes -sional systems integration projects, including a $1.3 WHIPKEY million television studio for a major New York City corporation. The balance of the project values is split up among more than 50 individual proj-ects in the corporate and higher educa-tion markets. “Patrick is a top performer in the indus-try and is sure to go far,” says Shinn. CI 40 | Commercial Integrator December 2014

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