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CI 2013 Integrator of the Year le integrator of the year: PRESENTATION SYSTEMS His one-of-a-kind structure serves as an expansion prototype, but no other integrator has been brave enough to try to duplicate John Godbout’s model. By D. Craig MacCormack Photography by Scott Foust HERE’S A BIT OF AN AIR of mystery around this year’s Integra-tor of the Year. Its model is unique for the AV industry, but you can’t argue with its success after more than 20 years and continued annual bottom-line growth. But how the heck has CCS Presentation Systems done it? How did CEO and founder John Godbout go from moving around the country nine times in a 20-year career at IBM to selling software for Proxima to launching his own company and seeing it steadily grow and become, in many ways, a standout in the systems integration industry? “We have a bunch of people who really care,” says Godbout, clearly downplaying the myriad challenges that come with essentially blazing his own trail in an industry that too often sees more of a conservative monkey-see, monkey-do attitude and approach. Jim Landrum, director of sales in the PPD division at Mitsubishi Digital Electronica America, thinks it goes a lot deeper than that. “I think he enjoys watching his partners become successful,” says Landrum, who’s worked with CCS for more than 12 years and is one of the network’s primary partners when it comes to projectors. “Other people want to see their companies expand so they can beat their chest and let everyone know about it. John is exactly the opposite of that. He’s like a proud papa.” David Riberi, who launched the California branch of CCS 17 years ago with his wife Gina, agrees with Landrum’s assessment of Godbout and credits him for the company’s success. “Th ere’s only one John Godbout,” says Riberi. “He just wanted to help people live the American dream and it’s turned out to be good business. You can’t replicate the trust and cooperation we have, and that all comes down from John and [his wife] Beth.” CCS CI T Snapshot CCS Presentation Systems PRIMARY LOCATION: Scottsdale, Ariz. ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS: 23 locations throughout the United States, including California, Florida, New England, Colorado and Maryland PRINCIPALS OF COMPANY AND THEIR TITLES: John Godbout, CEO/founder; Jack Seaver, CFO; Laura Byrne, COO; Dale Crull, integration general manager; Rod Andrewson, engineering manager; Abe Assad, sales manager; Will Dunham, K-12 education sales manager; Julie Solomon, marketing and training manager; Mark Engbarth, service manager 2013 REVENUES (PROJECTED): $103,500,000 YEARS IN BUSINESS: 22 EMPLOYEES: 300 2012 COMMERCIAL INSTALLS: 5,039 TOP 3 VERTICAL MARKETS: Corporate, Government and Education TOP 5 BRANDS: NEC, Epson, SMART Technologies, Crestron, AMX “ My company creates remarkable experiences for customers better than any other company. ” 32 | Commercial Integrator December 2013

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